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He was born in Barcelona, in the Ciutat Vella neighbourhood. He was a very sensitive boy, quite restless, dreamy and imaginative. His teachers found it hard to bring him down to Earth; he always had his head in the clouds. He felt life intensely and lived deeply.

He was a superhero and founding member of a detective club with his school friends.

Later, he took an interest in archaeology and antiquity, but finally decided not to go to university, because he did not want his head filled with lies. His real passion was music. He has played many instruments in different musical groups. He has also been a lyricist and composer.

He has always loved books and, as a writer,

in 2010 he published Las enseñanzas de Sherlock Holmes, a spiritually-themed essay.

He has practised yoga, tai-chi, chi-kung and Zen.He has meditated for more than twenty years. He has had two main spiritual masters: a catholicnun and a Zen master, and a former monk fromMontserrat who guided him where he needed to go.

Married to Elena, together they have followed a long and wonderfully creative and spiritual path.They have a joint futuristic music computer project: Elena i Joan.

He is Vice-President and co-founder of theSpockies Club, an association of fans of Spock and spiritually-inspired science fiction.