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Las enseñanzas de Sherlock Holmes / Una introducción a la espiritualidad(The Teachings of Sherlock Holmes / An Introduction to Spirituality) by Joan A. Bosch Nayach, published by Ediciones Corona Borealis, is a book that explores diverse aspects of life: art and beauty, music, silence, meditation and Buddhism, nature, friendship, emotions and feelings, intuition, suffering and hardship... It is a research work that tells us of one of the lesser known and yet most interesting aspects of the famous detective.

The author tells us: " Everyone associates this famous fictional character with detective and mystery adventures to be solved, but there is much more to them ". " My intention is to show that Sherlock Holmes, as well as being an excellent investigator, is a great spiritual master ".

In this work, Joan A. Bosch Nayach provides us with some of his spiritual knowledge, fundamentally through meditation and Zen. And he does so very skilfully using lines that appear in the stories of Sherlock Holmes. The final result is a plain and simple introduction to spirituality, where everyone can find something useful for their inner life.

It is a book that has devoted fans, both among the admirers of Sherlock Holmes and the souls interested in spiritual life. In the words of the prior of a well-known religious order: "In this work, there is not one word too many". In short, a fine introduction to spirituality.

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