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- Spockies Club is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the character of Mr. Spock and science fiction from a spiritual point of view. We are a group of friends who wish to share this interest. No financial benefit or copyright infringement is intended. Star Trek is a registered trademark. All photographs on this website that appear in the section Spockies Club and Becoming a member are the property of Paramount Pictures or the corresponding copyright owners.

The soundtracks that appear in the photo galleries of the Spockies Club - "—“Follow Your Star" (Hertz-Grean), “"Spock Thoughts"” (Roddenberry-Grean) and “"Cotton Candy”" (Cliff Ralke) -— belong to the copyright owners and form part of the album Two sides of Leonard Nimoy (1968), Dot Records.

- Elena i Joan Projects belongs to its copyright owners: Elena Villalba Lizandra and Joan A. Bosch Nayach.

The songs of Radix and Elena i Joan that appear in the Music section are the copyright of the aforementioned authors: Elena Villalba Lizandra and Joan A. Bosch Nayach.

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First edition: September 2011

© Elena Villalba Lizandra

© of this edition: Ediciones de La Tempestad SL, 2011

© Cover photo: Paramount Pictures. Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures. Star Trek: The Original Series, episode number 50, “"By Any Other Name”".

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