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An association of devoted fans of Mr. Spock, dedicated to the promotion of the character and science fiction from a spiritual point of view.

The functions of this club are to:

Share with a group of friends our passion for the Spock of the Original Series of Star Trek made inthe sixties: the authentic Spock (far from the distortion he suffered and continues to suffer in the big screen films); the Spock played by Leonard Nimoy in his wonderful moments of artistic splendour and creative intuition, allowing this character to take on a life of his own.Explain our spiritual vision of the original Spock and defend the dignity and respect he deserves.Share spiritual, scientific and artistic knowledge, inspired by the Vulcan.Contribute to the development and evolution of all human aspects, taking this fascinating character as a guiding light. Imagination, fantasy and science fiction are a formidable base for personal and spiritual realisation.

We see Spock in a deeper dimension, which we wish to transmit. This fictional character is a very interesting source of inspiration as he combines in a single figure almost all the qualities and attributes we like: science and technology; meditation and spirituality; unconditional love beyond the ego and emotional duality; diversity and respect for difference; peace and non-violence; art and culture; music; futuristic and advanced image and retro-futuristic aesthetics; ecology; vegetarianism; self-healing; mental and esoteric skills...

He is a magical, mysterious character of great strength, who shines with his presence alone and transmits futuristic qualities that can open our mind to imagine howthe human being of the future and the evolution of artistic, spiritual and scientific dimensions might be. An example could be music, the band called Elena i Joan, a duo formed by our president and vice-president of futuristic music created with computers. The electronic music of this couple from Barcelona is inspired by science fiction, spirituality and the evolution of the human being.

Spock is a transforming archetype. We use the Vulcan's characteristics to set out our vision of spirituality and help take the cross-rational leap necessary to reach the second step of the evolution of consciousness. This new consciousnessis all-embracing; it is not anti-technology, anti-rational or anti-spiritual, but involves all human aspects, an essential condition for going further.

At each stage of the diverse levels of consciousness, we have developed one part of our human condition. The splendour of each period is followed by decadence, which drives us to grow towards a new dimension. Spock has a scientific side which is highly developed to an extreme level, but it is integrated into his spiritual essence, which is why he has gone so far. This alien can also be a fascinating source of inspiration for science. This is an ecological science, spiritualised and integrated with spiritual wisdom.

In terms of Vulcan logic, the basis of the philosophy and wisdom of these extra-terrestrials, our point of view is diametrically opposed to the superficiality with which this theme is normally treated. Spiritual logic? Sounds mysterious, doesnt it? Within this surprising contradiction lies the foundation of our vision of Vulcans. This original andrevolutionary view of Spock's cross-rational logic can light the way to go further.

As Elena Villalba Lizandra, our president, says in her book Spock i jo. De la ciència-ficció a l'espiritualitat (Llibres de l'Índex): "If Vulcan logic were only mental andtotally lacking in logic like ours, the Vulcan world would not be peaceful and ecological, but a great madness like ours, the pure mental expression of the ego, which is far removed from spiritual nature."