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Spock i jo / De la ciència-ficció a l'espiritualitat(Spock and I / From Science Fiction to Spirituality) by Elena Villalba Lizandra, published by Llibres de l'Índex, is a living experience, a fascinating vision of the legendary television series Star Trek, about Mr. Spock and life.

It is a study of the Original Series of Star Trek in ten chapters, ten different interrelated themes: music; art and aesthetics; vegetarianism and ecology; science and technology; humanism and evolution; esotericism; spirituality, Zen, mysticism, and love... There is also a commentary on the six cinema films made with the actors of the Original Series, and finally the Animated Series. The book ends with an epilogue, dedicated to Star Trek film which premiered in 2009 and the final conclusions.

A major part of the book discusses Spock and spirituality, the two key themes in this work. Because the author sees Spock (the authentic and original from the sixties) as the soul of Star Trek, and life in the spiritual dimension.

This book, therefore, is a journey that takes us from science fiction to spirituality, from imagination and fantasy to the most profound part of the soul, guided by one of the most charismatic, mysterious and futuristic fictional characters in history and the personal experience of the author as a practitioner of Zen meditation and spirituality in general.

Elena Villalba Lizandra tells us: "Spock has inspired me beyond his creators thanks to his magic. He is a fascinating character, an unlimited source of inspiration, a transforming archetype. Words are not necessary as he shines only with his presence, manifest dignity and magnificence, mysteriously without ego", and in this essay all of this is compared with Zen and the human being of the future.

A wonderful character who, in the author's opinion, is curiously not fully exploited, something typical of television. And very often of cinema too. Discover this mysterious vision of Mr. Spock, Vulcans and life.

The author adds: "I find considerable common points and similarities between Spock and myself; so many that thanks to these coincidences I've been able to offer you this book."

Book presentation Spock i jo / De la ciència-ficció a l'espiritualitat,

9th of November 2011, the Casa del Llibre, Rbla. Catalunya, 37, Barcelona.

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