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ELENA i JOAN PROJECTS are the activities of a duo from Barcelona, formed by Elena Villalba Lizandra and Joan A. Bosch Nayach.

- Our electronic music band is called Radix.

- Our books are:

  • Spock i jo / De la ciència-ficció a l'espiritualitat, Elena Villalba Lizandra (Llibres de l'Índex): a fascinating vision of the legendary television series Star Trek, about Mr. Spock and life.

  • Las enseñanzas de Sherlock Holmes / Una introducción a la espiritualidad, Joan A. Bosch Nayach (Corona Borealis): a simple and plain introduction to spirituality, using quotes from the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories. 

  • Las mejores frases del zen, Joan A. Bosch Nayach (Caballo Regalado): the wisdom of Zen and the great masters, through a selection of the best quotes and aphorisms .


Elena and Joan are a couple, friends and travel companions. They form a creative tandem and share diverse projects.

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