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She was born in Barcelona, a centuries-old Mediterranean city within the so-called Catalan Countries.


She has always been interested in the artistic, scientific and spiritual evolution of the human being. This has led her down two paths: the musical and the mystical. For her, music is an evolutionary path. She has been a member, composer and lyricist in diverse bands, ranging from punk, post-punk, experimental music and electronic music. She currently has a futuristic music project created with computers. During her spiritual discovery she has explored diverse disciplines, including yoga and tai-chi, until arriving at Zen. She has practised meditation for almost twenty years. 


She likes science fiction, fantasy, imagination, futuristic and advanced aesthetics, machines, technology, science, nature, ecology, vegetarianism, spirituality, art, creativity and innovation. Her formula is: to create, meditate and be happy.


She is passionate about working for the integration of all human aspects. At present, she is carrying out an integrative study between science, art and spirituality. 


She is also a writer. She has written an essay entitled Spock i jo / De la ciència-ficció a l’espiritualitat (Llibres de l'Índex). This is a living experience, a fascinating vision of the legendary television series Star Trek, about Mr. Spock and life, where this fictional character is related with Zen and the human being of the future. 


And she wants to set the future to music, from the present, from the here and now, which is eternal.

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