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The members of this duo from Barcelona, Elena Villalba Lizandra and Joan A. Bosch Nayach, met when they were adolescents and have shared a long path of musical evolution which has gone through diverse stages. 


Joan started playing the guitar in a rock group and when he met Elena he continued his musical evolution from punk, post-punk and experimental music. It was a rapid evolution, fleeting, which led to electronic music, with the band Radix, this time with only two members.


Radix had two stages. One in the eighties, with analogue synthesisers, drum machines and voices. And the other in the nineties, with digital electronic instruments. Here is a sample, diverse songs in MP3 format, from our last period. They are from our last record called Spacewalk (1999) and some songs from the penultimate, Interlinked (1997). They are unmastered demos recorded with two tracks.


Currently, Joan is more focused on the literary world. And Elena has a project: to set the future to music. It might be called techno-fiction, a combination of two concepts. Science-fiction, which anticipates the future. And music created with technology tools. It is futuristic music created with computers, using software, highly minimalist, and experimenting with innovative new musical sounds and structures. As Kandinsky said about music in his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art (Harper Perennial Modern Classics): “The most immaterial of the arts.” Consciousness manifests itself in matter according to its needs. With only a computer and a small controlling keyboard and the material liberation this involves, we are closer to expressing our growth towards a new dimension of the human being. 


It is no longer only about new melodies, but sounds. Each stage, each era, is expressed with determined sounds, with specific musical structures. If we evolve, consciousness logically needs to express itself with new media and new sounds. Experimentation and creation of new sounds also helps us to evolve. 


We will keep you up to date as this project develops.


SPACEWALK, from the electronic music band RADIX, at ROCKDELUX magazine, July / August 1999, by Javier Blánquez.

Rockdelux - Radix.jpg


The electronic music band RADIX and its last work, SPACEWALK (1999), at RÀDIO PICA, in the noon programme, by Salvatore, May 19, 1999.


An interview of the members of RADIX, Elena Villalba and Joan Bosch, in the programme “What Happen?", at RÀDIO CONTRABANDA , about their last work , SPACEWALK, April 23, 1999.


RADIX and its work INTERLINKED (1997), in the programme “Technic”RÀDIO CASTELLDEFELS, December 16, 1997.


RADIX, INTERLINKED (1997), in the program “L'Abocador Còsmic", at RÀDIO PICA, on November 21, 1997.


The 10-minute song “Steps”, by the electronic music band RADIX, which belongs to its work INTERLINKED, was aired in the programme “SIGLO XXI”,  at RADIO 3, on October 1997.


RADIX in the programme “Los silencios de la radio”, at RÀDIO PICA , with its work INTERLINKED , June 30, 1997.

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